Quarters: Spring 2013

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Life in General


My life, as it is, is characterized and organized by the quarters of the year; slices of the year that for one reason or another held a specific feeling or event.  Looking back at almost exactly a year ago, the first major quarter of my recent past was the spring(ish) quarter of 2013.  Leading up to this time (Winter quarter 2012), I had been hard at work gathering my application to an accelerated ARNP program.  After an unnecessarily devastating rejection (I’ll explain in a later post) I decided on taking the slower route through nursing school (still in process).  The dismay I felt was certainly lessened since my first child and daughter; Alexie was born on February 28th, 2013.  To describe the occasion as monumental is a serious understatement.  With minor (though the term is laughable to new parents) complications in the labor and delivery, Alexie had to stay in the NICU for five days following her birthday.  The time spent in the hospital held for me, an incredible spectrum of emotions.  Here let me take you through the day, literally 24 hours:

7am on February 27th, 2013:

  • Disbelief and excitement when my wife, Molly’s water broke.
  • Nervousness and sympathy on the drive over as Molly began contracting.
  • Frustration and mild irritation when, upon arrival they told us to go home since she wasn’t quite in active labor yet.
  • Relief and fear when she began active labor and was admitted.
  • Commiserating pain with each contraction.
  • Frustration again when she couldn’t get the epidural for over an hour after she wanted it (The anesthesiologist had just gone into a C-Section)
  • 5:45am: Euphoria when Lexi was born and an overwhelming feeling of responsibility and love for this little blessing from God.
  • Devastation when we realized something was wrong (they weren’t very vocal about it during/after labor, which in hindsight was probably a good thing) and that Lexi had to be kept in the NICU for at least 2 days (she ended up staying 5)
  • Helplessness that I couldn’t bring Molly down to visit Lexi for a couple hours since she was too lightheaded to travel

Then when we were able to bring her home, 5 days after her birth: Disbelief and nervous excitement that the hospital (and God) would entrust us to take care of this tiny little life.  There were so many more emotions throughout that week but I could clearly see how God saw us through the first few weeks and months of Lexi’s life.


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