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So many things to write about…so much homework…not enough time…

Anyways, I wrote this for one of my nursing classes and figure I’d share it with the world. Even if you’re not into poetry (I’m definitely not…) I hope you like this quick read. The assignment was to write a poem about who you are, your beliefs, culture, etc. Enjoy.

I’m from my father and his before then

Not constrained by who they were but guided by them

The family I raise will reflect my beliefs

But only God will determine which values they keep

I will instill those qualities I believe in the most

Value God above all, mindful never to boast

Put others before you, and family in lead

Lest you exalt “I” with no one there when you bleed

Beyond treating others as you wish to receive

Hard work will speak volumes, just roll up your sleeves

Live life in a way that you wouldn’t be ashamed

If all others were watching they’d find nothing of blame

But here is a caution my children, be alert

We all pass out of this life, becoming nothing but dirt

Educations important, at work do your best

Life’s created to be lived, not lived to seek rest

As I’ll bury my father, you’ll bury me

Don’t weep for my sake, my spirit will be free

This life is a mist, we’re here a short while

Leave your imprint for good, make yours worthwhile