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Well the day has come; the one that I knew was inevitable when I started this little project (and I know it’s probably far too soon since I only just got started). I feel like I led you on. Like a summertime fling or a half finished project in the garage (not that I know much about either, ever only dating one woman and having no garage to speak of).

I’m going to cut back on posting to about once a month (to clear my head and my ever-expanding word document of ideas) and in the interim I will be completing a novella I started a couple weeks ago. I expected this but didn’t know what would institute this little hiatus—it actually originated from a 300-page book entitled, On Writing.

I’m sure most or at least many budding writers have ingested this book and have their own opinions on what the writer has to say. Far from this post being a book review, I will only say that the book by Stephen King was an inspiration and motivation for me to seriously taking a crack at the fictional world I’ve only just begun to develop.

For those curious on what it’s about (I’m not going to say yet) I plan on giving more details about the work and hope to have a synopsis ready either next month or the month after—I have found that it’s a bit difficult to write a synopsis when the final project is yet to be finished. I have a rough outline and know that it will only be a short work but something I’ve been trying to apply from Mr. King is to let the characters guide the story. Outlines may be a useful tool but they have the potential to strain the plot and constrain character development.

Something else I learned about the book (I guess I lied a bit when I said this wasn’t going to be a book review) was that it’s important to just write the book/story/excerpt with as little editing as possible through the first draft. My issue, the reason that it takes me so long to write anything, is that I like to revise constantly. I enjoy going back over my work, many times in its entirety, picking at the story here and there. The issue with this is that it takes FOREVER to finish a chapter. Just write, keep the train of thought and make a point of resisting the urge to edit until at least a large section has been completed; preferably an entire chapter (or blog post).

Well that’s it. To make it official I will be changing my “goal” to once a month. I do look forward to these little interludes, but even more, I look forward to presenting you with a longer work to enjoy (that is, if I ever figure out all this self-publishing stuff).