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All right, summer’s over.

That being said, what in the world have I been doing for the past 5-ish months? Well, writing! A novel to be precise. That and getting into nursing school which coincidentally just started today! (okay, no coincidence…more on that later).

I’ve decided to revive this blog for the sole purpose to document my inevitably comical epoch in which I will dive into the world of assessment, disease and of course; sticking really sharp objects into people in order to try and save their lives (or find out what the heck’s wrong with them). Though after my orientation today I’ve learned that I will under no circumstances divulge the location of my clinicals, names of patients, and to be safe the name of the school!

Since I will no doubt have even less time to write than before, this blog is going to be less like: “oh shoot, did I just use five commas in two adjacent sentences?? Must work on new draft pronto, not to mention my need to bug my wife to tell me what’s wrong with my post, starting NOW!!!” and it’s going to be more like: “read about my life NOW because it’s going to change fast, will be interesting and I’m in such a rush that I’m barely going to pause and check my spelling.”

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m working on this ‘humor’ thing I’ve heard so much about, or is it humour? (There’s that incorrect usage of commas I alluded to before, also I apologize for the dig at British spelling—here’s shout out to my dual American, dual English, and current Singaporean family of my brother-in-law). Also sarcasm, yeah lots of that.

All right, back to me. As I said before, I’ve just started nursing school. Though I don’t really know what it’s like, I work with enough nurses that I know it will be more than just “let’s have some of that money the government said you could use on us, hold this needle just…so, GO, STICK HIM WITH IT! If he runs away, catch him, find some flab and shove it in! I don’t care if he screams like a little girl.” That was more or less a recreation of the House episode I just watched but I digress…

This new chapter of my life, to be completely honest, is going to be challenging. I’ll be a full-time husband, father, student and part time employee for the next 1.75 years. Then once I graduate I’ll be thrown into a sea of blood, guts and questions if I’m the doctor or not. And if I’m honestly a male nurse (since as best I can tell, I’m not going to fit the blonde/brunette/black-haired 20-40-year-old-ish woman that most of my classmates are), I might as well have a bit of a sense of humor (humour?) about it.

Since I’m in a chatty mood, I’m going to lament over a few things I’m going to sorely miss. Here’s a good time to stop reading if you can’t stand the sound of my text-voice.

  1. Reading. You know, good books. Since the start of the year I’ve read no less than 35 books, not too bad for 9 months eh? In case you truly have no life and didn’t take my advice in the previous paragraph I’ve included a list, along with the books rating on a scale of 1-5
  2. My family. Kinda important right? As I’ve been told many times, until classes start it’s very important to spend as much time with your family as possible because once you begin class you can pretty much kiss them goodbye.
  3. TV. Despite all the awesome shows coming out this fall, I’ve already given my wife the go ahead to watch them without me…I guess I’ll find out what happens to Neal Caffrey, Sherlock Holmes (the one living in America that is), and Hank Lawson when I graduate in 2016.
  4. Writing. Well hopefully not…since I won’t be planning on doing anything else fun, I hope to keep this blog alive as I would a patient in a few years. It may be limping, atrophied, or growing a malignant neoplasm from the incoherent ramblings I undoubtedly will be guilty of, but it will be alive!

That’s all I’ve got. If you’re curious about the books I’ve read, leave a comment and I’ll defend my ratings. All right enough of this, back to my textbooks…

Here’s that list along with my rating (you’ll notice not one book received a perfect score, to borrow an idea from the most recent book I read: I’ve saving my 5/5 rating–we’ll see if the book I’m writing deserves it).

Order Read Title Author My Rating
1 Divergent Veronica Roth 3.5
2 Insurgent Veronica Roth 3
3 Allegiant Veronica Roth 2
4 Enders Game Orson Scott Card 4.5
5 Enders Shadow Orson Scott Card 4.5
6 Shadow of the Hegemon Orson Scott Card 4
7 The Road Cormac McCarthy 2.5
8 Shadow puppets Orson Scott Card 4
9 On Writing Stephen King N/A
10 Shadow of the giant Orson Scott Card 4
11 The Associate John Grisham 3.5
12 Shadows in flight Orson Scott Card 4.5
13 Desiring God John Piper N/A
14 I am number four Pittacus Lore 4
15 The Game Terry Schott 2.5
16 Prodigy Marie Lu 3
17 The Power of Six Pittacus Lore 4
18 Doctor Sleep Stephen King 4
19 The Rise of Nine Pittacus Lore 4
20 The Fall of Five Pittacus Lore 4
21 The Maze Runner James Dashner 3.5
22 Champion Marie Lu 2.5
23 Earth Unaware Orson Scott Card 4
24 The Scorch Trials James Dashner 3.5
25 The Kill Order James Dashner 3.5
26 Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Ransom Riggs 3.5
27 The Eye of Minds James Dashner 4
28 Rot and Ruin Jonathan Maberry 3.5
29 The Age of Miracles Karen Thompson Walder 2.5
30 Hollow City Ransom Riggs 3.5
31 Flesh and Bone Jonathan Maberry 4
32 Ready Player One Ernest Cline 4
33 Fire and Ash Jonathan Maberry 3.5
34 Gone Michael Grant 4
35 The Fault in our Stars John Green 3.5


You wake up early with a burning desire for your addiction, as if you hadn’t spent most of the night previous hopelessly devoted to it.  Every waking second you spend with it, if not in action then in thought.  How have you allowed it to conquer your life so?  How have you allowed all your other interests to fall by the wayside and to let this infection inundate your very being?

Your life is now an empty shell of itself.  Was there a time before this beast took the reins of your life?  You wish to talk with others about this but they simply wouldn’t understand.  They couldn’t understand unless they too have fallen under such a spell as this.  You procrastinate from your duties; allow others to pick up your slack while your mind prepares itself for the next fix.  A fix with the inevitable reprieve that cycles endlessly until you become little more than a shell of your former self.

The symptoms are the worst part, insomnia being the forerunner in your collection of ailments.  You don’t know if it’s the direct cause or caused by your mind running wild for it, but lying awake there at night you hardly breath, trying to convince yourself sleep is better than your drug.  An hour spent resisting, then two.  You know that just a taste would instigate the inevitable shaking, heart palpitations and chilling sweats that cause sleep to be little more than the dreams it would attempt to incite.

This drug is beyond the potency of any you’ve indulged in before.  At the time of consumption, you cycle through a racing heartbeat, chills, highs so high and lows bringing you to the edge of despair.  They never warned you of this obsession.  The one-sided account on the topic dealt with goodness and wholeness, purity that exalted the user to be on level with philosophers and kings.  If only they could see your thirst for it now.

It’s not a waist but a gain you say: the time that your addiction has appropriated from your life.  If not but the pleasure that pursuing it brings to your existence.  It’s not as if you need an intervention but that others just don’t understand the strength and satisfaction of such a pull.

It’s close you say, you can feel yourself coming to the unavoidable and humbling end to this epoch of your life.  The euphoric conclusion and a very real satisfaction that you have finally overcome your desire to continue.  And then you turn the final page on the addiction for the last time.

The literal page.  The novel that has engrossed your being, daylight to long past sundown has been conquered.  The satisfaction is bittersweet as your very being yearns for another such world to consume the void the previous has vacated.

Happy reading.

Okay, so I know that post was somewhat backwards but I’ve honestly had more of the aforementioned thoughts while reading a book than I’d care to admit.  I’ve endured the panic of not being able to engage the world for more than the length of the book I’m reading.  That is the sort of book I want to write some day; a book that completely captivates and grips the reader, allowing them to disengage from the world and become immersed in another.  I wonder, how many others have felt that way about a book?